1. muddled, muddleheaded, ad-dleheaded, addlebrained; dull, inexpressive, expressionless, stupid, Inf. dumb, Inf. dopey, empty-headed, Inf. fatheaded; dull-witted, Sl. dimwitted, slow-witted, half-witted, witless, unwitty; unthinking, unreasoning, incogitant, thoughtless; mindless, brainless, fatuitous, slow; dense, thick, thickheaded, wooden-headed, obtuse, stolid, oafish, cloddish, lumpish, blunt; block-headed, dunderheaded, noodleheaded, boneheaded, thickskulled, blockish, doltish; weak-minded, simple, simple-minded, birdbrained, feeble-minded; harebrained, giddy, mercurial, reckless; absent-minded, scatterbrained, confused, bemused; featherheaded, featherbrained, rattleheaded, rattlebrained, light-minded, light-headed; empty, void, vacant, vacuous, blank, unoccupied; vapid, insipid, banal, bland.
2. absurd, silly, inane, pointless, fatuous, foolish; nonsensical, senseless, tom-foolish, Sl. cockeyed, Scot, and North Eng. glaikit; poppycockish, Sl. cockamamie, amphigoric; ridiculous, laughable, risible, derisible, ludicrous, Sl. for the birds; asinine, anserine, idiotic, Inf. moronic, imbecilic; childish, puerile, immature; crazy, crazed, Scot. doiled, Sl. kooky, Inf. half-baked, mad; daft, Inf. daffy, crackbrained, Inf. nutty; All Slang. balmy, dippy, batty, cuckoo, buggy, screwy, wacky, goofy, loony

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